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and whose speech was the first to be seen by millions? >> faithfully execute the office of president of the united states -- good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a saturday night. we do begin with that developing news, that terrorists' takeover of that natural gas facility in algeria has come to an deadly end tonight. the algerian military moving in, with a fierce assault on the hosta hostage-takers. leaving many dead. including at least 23 hostages. one american among them. there are still other americans unaccounted for. for the first time since it began, we're getting a first look inside the terrible ordeal. showing workers held inside the compound. hostages kneeling in the sand there, hands in the air. this new video reportedly shot by workers as they escaped through the desert.
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passing by bodies along the way. in a moment the stories of the survival. but we begin with abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tonight. >> reporter: the algerian's army third and final assault today recaptured the bp-run facility but left many of the hostages dead. apparently executed by the terrorists. over the four-day siege in the middle of the sahara desert, the final hostage death toll was put by algerian officials at 23. >> for their family and friends has been and continues to be a distressing and horrific time. >> reporter: at least two americans remain unaccounted for and one american has confirmed as killed. 58-year-old fred buttacio of katy, texas, a suburb of houston. survivors said that the attackers focused on only americans and westerners. >> we believe that there are five british nationals and one uk resident who are either deceased or unaccounted for. >> reporter: the good news was,
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that most of the approximately 100 western workers were freed or escaped. algerian tv aired what it said was home video taken by one hostage as he escaped across the desert. among those who also got out was mark cobb of corpus christi, texas, described as the vp/senior manager at the facility. the algerian military said that it killed at least 32 of the terrorists. their bodies displayed today on tv. officials said they were heavily armed with automatic weapons and explosives-packed belts. and were preparing to blow out the natural gas facility. as algerian tanks and special forces surrounded the plant, officials said they had no choice but to go in with guns blazing. even after the u.s. and other governments asked them to hold off out of concern for the safety of hostages. >> we don't negotiate. we don't mess around. >> the official algerian news
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agency said they began to execute the remaining hostages as the algerian army moved in. now the focus will shift to the mastermind of this attack, mokhtar, david, he's made himself one of the most wanted man in the world. and also this evening, we're hearing more of the portrait of the terror inside from those who managed to flee. those workers who had to walk passed the dead. many have been flown to italy, at the island of sicily. where abc's nick schifrin is tonight. nick? >> reporter: david, good evening. u.s. officials tell us about a dozen survivors are recuperating at the u.s. naval base here in sicily. they are just beginning to come to term with the trauma they suffered. they are all shell shocked and barely made it out alive. >> i don't remember, it happened so fast. >> reporter: survivors describe scenes of fear and brutality. for more than 80 hours they did anything to stay alive.
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many were beaten and witnessed executions. >> we are lucky that we are still alive. >> reporter: stephen mcfaul called his wife after he escaped. his hands had been tied and he had to wear explosives strapped to his chest. >> she described the experience as he had as truly horrific. >> reporter: mark grant and others hid for four days, surviving by scrambling up on the roof or locking themselves inside rooms, hoping terrorists wouldn't get through the door. >> we barricaded together in one of the offices, we locked the door and we put desk on the door. >> reporter: and for those who survived, there is relief. many are on their way home, desperate to return to their families. >> the guys who picked us up, the rescue guys who had been wonderful, they were like long lost friends. >> reporter: but those are the fortunate. many are still missing. the daughters of scottish hostage kenneth whiteside took to twitter. they haven't heard from him since the siege began. tonight, there is also concern
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about the fate of u.s. officials who remain unaccounted for. for the survivors, david, security officials and psychologists are debriefing them, helping them begin the process of healing from this horrible siege. david? >> nick, our thanks to you. our coverage of the terror siege now over. and now, to an unbelievable image tonight. it shows a very close call. a politician speaking. a man with a gun approaching him at the podium. that gun inches away from the leader's head. everyone survived this. but tonight, so many questions about this coming in from bulgaria. abc's alex marquardt on how that gunman got in and got so close. >> reporter: he came out of nowhere. the would-be assassin pointed a gun at a bulgarian politician's head. he failed to fire a shot. he was instantly tackled to the ground by audience members at this party conference repeatedly kicked and pummelled with fists. others stood over the pistol, self-defense weapon that's lethal at close range. it's unclear why the 25-year-old attacked ahmed dogan.
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the longtime of a party that defends the rights of minority turks. "right now, we're working on finding out everything about the attacker," said the bulgarian interior minister. blood samples were taken to find out if there were drugs in his system. in addition to the gun, two knives were also found on the attacker. it's unclear how he got into the conference. he already had a known criminal background with arrests for drug possession and robbery. the politician who was attacked was stepping down as head of his party. but police say that he's in good health after this attack. of course, david, so many questions remain tonight. >> alex, thanks to you. we're going to turn now to notre dame football star manti te'o speaking out for the first time about that phantom oh girlfriend. that elaborate hoax. tonight, in an espn interview, manti te'o was asked, was in this? if no girlfriend, who was he talking to on the other side of that line?
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with our partners at espn. >> reporter: manti te'o tonight, calling himself the victim of lies, spanning three years. >> were you in any way a part of this? >> no, never. >> reporter: the top nfl prospect, baring all in an exclusive off-camera interview with espn's jeremy schaap. >> he was asked more than 300 questions in that time. he never demured. >> reporter: admit to falling prey to a so-called "catfish." manti te'o said perpetuated by this man. ronaiah tuiasosopo lured him in with fake pictures. one of the most intriguing questions now, who was at the other end of those phones calls? who was the football great talking to for hours, into the middle of the night? manti te'o said that mystery voice he thought was a girlfriend, was acted mostly by a female accomplice of ronaiah.
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te'o also revealed to espn, he was so in love with lennay that he lied to his friends and his parents that he met her. even held her hand. even though he only knew her over the phone. >> i even knew that it was crazy that i was with somebody that i didn't meet. so, i kind of, you know, tailored my stories to have people think that, yeah, he met her. before she passed away, so that people wouldn't think that i was some crazy dude. >> reporter: they put her through a near-fatal car crash. then, in the fall, killing her off with leukemia. which manti te'o announced to the world. then in december, he got a call from ronaiah tuiasosopo. a big lie finally unravelled. >> they said it's lennay. so, we carried on that conversation and i just got mad and i went on a rampage. like, how could you do this to me? i ended that conversation by
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saying simply this, you know what, lennay, my lennay died on september 12th. >> reporter: manti te'o said that he got a call from ronaiah tuiasosopo confessing everything. he doesn't know what would motivate this. but he doesn't think it was money. >> still so many questions. matt gutman. now to washington, d.c., this evening and the countdown is on until president obama's inauguration. the official beginning to his second term. the president's first inauguration made history in so many ways. tonight, preparing to make history again. with his choice of bibles and a familiar voice. abc's david kerley at the white house tonight. ♪ at last >> reporter: what a night, the new first couple serenaded by beyonce. the singer is back, but this time will perform as the president stands on the steps of the capitol. other stars too, alicia keys, katy perry, but rather than ten inaugural balls, there will only be two.
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other changes as well, at this second celebration. the president takes the official oath of office tomorrow in the white house. on monday, he takes the oath again on the capitol steps with his hand on two bibles, martin luther king's, and president lincoln's. >> i barack hussein obama -- >> reporter: standing on the national mall, as many as 800,000 people. that is nearly twice as many people who attended the second inaugurals of presidents clinton and bush. before the oath and the party, today the president did a little work. >> this inauguration is a symbol of how our democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power. >> reporter: a national day of service, brought the first family to a d.c. elementary school for a bit of painting. while around the nation's capital, the final touches were going on the parade route and the visitors were already starting to gather on the people's lawn. i have covered a couple of these, david. they can be very, very chilly. here's the good news, the forecast calls for maybe 40 degrees when the president takes the oath on monday. >> we'll take 40.
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david kerley, see you at the capital. want to bring in ginger zee. you said cold. much colder elsewhere. >> that's it. if it were tuesday, we would be trouble. that arctic air is pushing down. places like north dakota are feeling it. they have had blizzard conditions. it's just not that blowing snow. but it's the cold air settling in. look at how cold it is going to get. place like minneapolis that haven't seen a sub-zero temperature in four years. >> ginger, our thanks to you. >> abc news has complete coverage of the inauguration. tomorrow just before noon, the president's private swearing-in ceremony. tomorrow night a special edition of "world news." i'll be reporting from the capital and on monday, our coverage of the public
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festivities begin with "good morning america." and continues live throughout the day. the entire team will be there. there's still much more ahead here on this saturday night. lance armstrong's admission to oprah about years of doping. and lying about it. the question that finally made armstrong break down. and new here this evening, investigators now weighing in, will that interview they have been watching make any difference for him? [old english accent] i doth declare that thou have brought overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive.
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to the lance armstrong interview with oprah now and the one question that broke him down. was it a glimpse of the man behind the lying? did it make any difference for investigators watching, too. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: we know that living a lie and pulling off one of the greatest cheating scandals in sport was as much a part of lance armstrong's dna as much as riding a bike. he had to come to a crossroads when he had to admit his own son that he had been lying. >> i saw my son defending me and saying that's not true. that's when i knew that i had to tell him. i said -- don't defend me anymore.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: tyler hamilton, a former teammate and friend bitterly attacked, and even threatened for telling the truth, said that he's now seeing a side of armstrong unlike anything he has ever known. >> it's almost like, these last two nights, it's like the new lance. the lance he hoped to be and the old lance. you can see it. it's like a battle. >> this is heavy. and this is messy and this is not something that i can sit with you and leave and go, okay. >> reporter: armstrong told oprah that he's now in therapy and sees how, quote, sick some of his actions were. but it isn't just some old version of himself. that arrogant twitter photo boasting of his tour wins, even after he had been stripped, was just two months ago. >> that was just, more defiance. and you know what's scary is, i actually thought it was a good idea. >> reporter: he acknowledged
5:47 pm
that his ex-wife knew of his cheating and encouraged him not only to stop but to come clean. he never did, until he lost everything and was backed into a corner. >> will you rise again? >> i do not. >> neal is here with us. in new york. neal, you talked with anti-doping officials who have watched this interview, has it made any difference for them? >> in a word, no. they said that he has to come forward under oath, with names, dates. who helped him pass the drug test, they said there have been talks about coming in before the oprah interview. those have since stalled. >> neal karlinsky tonight. neal, thank you. when we come back here on the broadcast -- losing a great in baseball today. the hall of famer baseball manager we lost. the hall of famer baseball manager we lost. [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us.
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5:51 pm
many once pets now set free, are now wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. after a week of hunting 21 of them have been caught and killed. but get this, officials believe there may be a hundred thousand out there free. hollywood case trending again. after robert wagner making the index. the newest chapter in the tragic death of his wife natalie wood. we have long known that wagner was the last person to see her alive on that boating trip. now the case is reopened. a nearly released coroner's report finds that wood had scratches and fresh bruises on her arms and legs. police say that wagner is now refusing to speak with them. her cause of death has now been changed to undetermined. a passing to note tonight in the index. one of the most colorful figures in major league baseball, hall of famer earl weaver suffered an apparent heart attack on a cruise. often described as fiery, but he was beloved by his fans. he holds the a.l. record for the most ejections, 94 of them.
5:52 pm
earl weaver, was 81 years old. he will be missed. and when we come back on the broadcast -- inauguration eve. who had the shortest speech ever? who was snowed in? broadcast -- inauguration eve. who had the shortest speech ever? who was snowed in? nexium, the purple pill, helps provide many with day and night relief of heartburn symptoms caused by acid reflux disease. there is risk of bone fracture, and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. call your doctor right away if you have persistent diarrhea. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel.
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finally tonight, here, on the eve of president obama's second inaugural, it turns out, making history the second time around, happens more than you think. 16 presidents have had to do what president obama will do on monday. deliver that second inaugural address. of course, the first to do so was george washington. his was the shortest inaugural speech, just 135 words. here, a copy of that speech historians believe likely in his secretary handwriting. he said that day, i'm again called upon by the voice of my country. abraham lincoln, 1865, a sea of mud on pennsylvania avenue after weeks of rain, thousands of spectators standing in it all. it was during his second inauguration that african-americans were first invited to participate in the parade. little more than a month later,
5:56 pm
he was assassinated. and for women it wasn't until woodrow wilson's inaugural they were invited to be part of the parade. one mother pushing her turn of the century stroller as they walked into history. two years later, women would begin to vote. fdr's second inaugural, the wettest on record. but listen to this. >> fdr decided if the crowd could brave the elements so could he. >> reporter: he insisted on riding in an open car. >> i harry s. truman do solemnly swear. >> you will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> reporter: a tv first for harry truman, january 1949. americans could finally watch the inauguration on television. these were the preps more than 50 years ago for dwight eisenhower, giant platforms for a mere 12,000 invited guests. there were four inaugural balls awaiting them. lyndon johnson made history, after one of the darkest days in america, the first president to ride to his inaugural in a bulletproof limo after the assassination of jfk. ronald reagan, second inaugural,
5:57 pm
so cold, only snow filled the stands. the public swearing-in ceremony, moved indoors. bill clinton ushering more than just a second term. the first to be carried on that thing called the internet. and on monday, president obama with the first lady by his side again, after already making history four years ago. in front of 2 million spectators. so much fun. our special report on the swearing-in just before noon tomorrow. i'll see you from washington with a special edition tomorrow night. and we'll all see you here on monday. good night. next on abc7 news at 6:00, a deadly shooting shuts down a bart station in san lee an
5:58 pm
dough. excitement grows for 49ers fans. mike shumann is live in atlanta. a high surf advisory and a big scare for surfers in san francisco today. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. we begin with breaking news. a water main break has flooded part of foothill boulevard in san leandro. we're live with the details. reporter: it's quite a mess out here. in fact, take a look at this. this is not a river. this is actually foothill boulevard. northbound lanes were shut down for an hour between carolyn and manchester due to a water main break. chp have just re-opened the road. it sent a lot of water gushing out, down foothill boulevard. the source of the break is two blocks from where we are. chp says it's a pipe which
5:59 pm
carries water from chabot reservoir. crews have been shutting the water off. no homes, no property has been flooded. we're about a block from the 580 onramp. we're told in water was flooding on to the freeway. we have not seen any of that. just a couple of very large puddles. and as i just said, foothill boulevard has re-opened here in san san lee san lee an -- san leandro. the water main appears to be shut off. >> ama: now to another developing story tonight out of sap lee an dough. a shooting near a bart station killed one person and injured another. happened near the bay fair station. that's where tomas roman is tonight. reporter: the bay fair bart stations has close

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